Disaster Archaeoastrology

The image of Sirius A and Sirius B taken by Hubble Space Telescope. The white dwarf can be seen to the lower left. The diffraction spikes and concentric rings are instrumental effects. Credit: NASA, H.E. Bond and E. Nelan (Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Md.); M. Barstow and M. Burleigh (University of Leicester, U.K.); and J.B. Holberg (University of Arizona)

The ancient disaster myths and narrations include the evidence for past celestial events that resulted in various interconnected hydrometeorological, geological and bioclimatic phenomena (i.e. changes in the geomagnetic field of the Earth, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, spread of contagious diseases, changes in the atmospheric balance & the biochemical equilibrium of soil, air and water) on Earth. Those interconnections had been also mentioned by the ancient and medieval authors long before the 19th and 20th centuries, when Science started to explain them with strict interdisciplinary methods and techniques.

The term "Disaster Archaeoastrology" (as the "Disaster Mythology" & "archaeodisasters") was firstly used by Dr. Amanda Laoupi, in order to describe the method of interpreting ancient disaster events through the study of archaeoastrology, and to date past events by using atsrological charts and astronomical simulation programmes indicating the positions of planets / asteroids in the sky

Velikovsky ( Worlds in Collision ) and de Grazia (God 's Fire: Moses and the Management of Exodus) cite numerous ancient sources to show how falls of a blood-like substance occurred when a "new" comet came into catastrophic contact with the Earth:

► the Manuscript Quiche of the Maya

► the so-called Papyrus Ipuwer from Egypt

► the Book of Exodus

► the Greek myth of Ouranos / Kronos and Zeus / Typhon

► the Finnish epic Kalevala

► the lore of the Altai Tartars

► the Sumerian myth of Inanna (a Venus goddess) who filled the wells of Sumer with "blood“

► the Egyptians ΚΌ story of the goddess Hathor (also Venus) whose visits to Earth were associated with the covering of the land with a blood-like "beer“

► the Norse legends of the "raining of blood" associated with the Valkyries

        they all record the fact that the water in the rivers was turned into "blood“.

☄ In the most ancient legends it is common to find references to more than comets and deluges of water. Deluges from the sky consist also of dust, loess, stones, glass, tar, oil, salt, gold, iron, ashes, carbohydrates

   “Years of noise. There is no end to noise. The land turns round as does a potter's wheel. The towns are destroyed. Upper Egypt has become dry. All is ruin .. Gates, columns and walls are consumed by fire. The fire has mounted up on high. Plague is throughout the land. Blood is everywhere. The river is blood. Men shrink from tasting and thirst after water. Hair has fallen out for everybody. Women are barren; none can conceive. Trees are destroyed. No fruit nor herbs are found .. The Desert is throughout the land A foreign tribe from abroad has come to Egypt Woe is me because of the misery of this time”The Admonitions of Ipuwer, ancient Egyptian papyrus

  Other space-induced disasters on Earth:

Supernovae explosions
Solar cycles
Coronal Mass Ejections / Global conflagrations
Cosmic Rays
Galactic Core alignment

  Isidore of Seville (AD 570 - 636) in his Etymologiae, which came to be widely accepted throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, established the term pestilence. He split the term pestilencia up into three syllables, each having a particular meaning: pes = tempesta: 'storm, tempest'; te = 'temps, time', lencia = clardat: 'brightness, light'; So, the pestilencia was 'the time of tempest caused by light from the stars'”. And astrologers of that time (Justinian plague) declared that it was caused by the influence of an unusual conjunction of planets. Moreover, the word 'disaster' is derived from the Latin dis (against) and astrum (stars) , hence, ‘the stars are evil’..

  Scientific articles describe a peculiar sequence of air-borne/rain-water-borne yeast-like bacterial attacks on astronomical photographic plate emulsions at a British observatory from 1937 to 1961. An underlying periodicity of these events appears to have had a significant positive correlation with the occurrences of inferior conjunctions of Venus with respect to Earth. Compared to Earth, Venus, has a negligible magnetic field. That means that the Solar Wind can disturb its atmosphere directly, and can blow away fractions of it's upper atmosphere (including airborne particulate matter) in comet-like fashion. It was found that the onsets of six confirmed Lockyer major microbial invasions occurred, on average, 55 days following strong geomagnetic storms nearest to inferior conjunctions of Venus. Those infected in the 1918 Influenza Pandemic shared similar symptoms with those infected today with SARS. As a result, it may be fruitful to study the 1918 Pandemic and SARS in greater detail..

  Modern astrologers claim that the 2009 conjuction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter mirrors the pandemic of H1N1 flu, fact that was also recorded during the deadly flu of 1918. Is it possible for us today, to date past catastrophic events in reverse mode, by creating the astrological charts that indicate all sorts of disasters thousand years ago?

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