New Perceptions

☉  Digital Archaeology: capture - preserve - share

Any kind and form of information about the human past in digitized format (digital storage and archiving), e.g. virtual tours of museums and archaeological sites, ancient books, tablets, objects with script symbols, ancient and modern maps, digital pictures, videos and audio files, archaeological surveys and excavations registered as computer's files, electronic programmes for excavations, curation and exhibition of artefacts, emails, newsgroups and forum posting, databases, national historic archives, linguistic thesaurus, electronic publications, GIS applications on cultural heritage, analyses of Post-processual Archaeology. It may also be divided into: Social Digital Archeology, Computer Digital Archeology, Assisting Digital Archeology, Personal Digital Archaeology, e.t.c.

See: Thomas Laurence Evans and Patrick T. Daly (eds): Digital archaeology: bridging method and theory. Routledge, 2006.

✎ Noetic Archaeology: Brains - Bodies - Things

The study of artefacts and mentifacts of human cultures through the Ages, by using evidence from archaeology, philosophy and neuroscience: hominization/ symbolization/ agriculturalization/ industrialization/ planetization, evolution of human brain, pre-animistic mentality, global archetypes, shamanism, sociology of past human cultures, the birth of  magical, mythological and logical (mental) consciousness, human ontology, Homo Sapiens noetics, Biomechanics and human ecology, Noetic Sciences, meditation, spirituality, Gaia Theory, biofields, metaphysical philosophy, Noosphere, new Age theories, e.t.c.

❀  Alternative Archaeology

A different viewpoint concerning the possible meanings of Archaeology and the interpretation of ancient cultures, worldwide myths and the great mysteries of humanity

See: Alternative Archaeology and History
        The Official Graham Hancock Website
        The World of Mysteries of Erich von Däniken

╦   Sacred Geometry / Geopathology: The bridling of Heaven and Earth

The study of the nature of earthlines, underground water courses, earthfaults and energy vortexes, and their effect on our health and well-being. Methods of how to avoid these areas and how to shield against them are now available in the Web. Apart from the environmental stressors caused by natural sources from geopathic (earthbound, harmful) irregularities, the study includes also artificial, man-made origin such as EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) / EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) from cellphones, computers and appliances.
Energy vortices are swirling pools of energy that can be either beneficial, or destructful  causing innumerable ailments and illnesses. They are found in abundance around the world; unfortunately the debilitating negative energy vortices, one of the main culprits in creating geopathic stress, but there is a number of positive natural vortices.
The Earth is a living organism, one with crystal energy properties. This knowledge has been already well-developed among ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans and Chinese - e.g. the ancient Greek Oracles, telluric currents, Aether and the elements of Life, the Chinese Feng Shui, the circulation of Prana in human bodies, the geometric shapes and their role / symbolism in ancient mysticism, the sacred cities and their pairs on Heaven (star maps and zodiac cycle), Ley lines (alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths with spiritual power), the sacred numbers and the harmony of the Spheres, grid images in culture and nature (e.g. Christian Cross, da Vinci's man, Mercury's caduceus, Star of David, Minoan Labyrinth), geoglyphs (Nazca lines in Peru, W. Australia, SW USA, stone-lined labyrinths of Scandinavia, Iceland, Lappland and the former Soviet Union).

See: Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Traditions of the World