Disaster Mythology

Apart from influencing totally the course of human history (e.g. acute climatic episodes, epidemics), natural disasters had also influenced the division and control of Earthʼs surface. Disasters and hazardous phenomena / landscapes not only impacted on natural-resource dependent communities, acting as important accelerators in economic and socio-cultural crises, but also transformed the spiritual environment and the community life of past societies.
In the history of humankind, the mythological language and symbolism have been functioning based both on survival instincts and communication skills. The study of hazardsʼ historic evolution has shown that the cultural patterns and networks are interdependent. So, the characteristics, distribution, and complexity of Earthʼs cultural mosaics, all involve the parameter of disaster in their functional processes.

The term "Disaster Mythology" (as the "archaeodisasters" & "Disaster Astrology") was firstly used by Dr. Amanda Laoupi, in order to embrace all the ancient legends, myths, traditions and symbols that were  related, directly or indirectly, to past disasters and catastrophes

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♒ Donald Patten lists 68 deluge traditions on six continents

♒ Marie (folklorist) & Richard (geographer) Andress, found 46 in the New World

♒ Hans Bellamy estimated 500 deluge myths coming from 250 peoples or tribes

In 95% of the stories, the flood was worldwide

in 88%, a certain family was favoured

in 70%, survival was by means of a boat

in 67% animals were also saved

in 66% the flood was due to the wickedness of ma n

in 66% the survivors had been forewarned

in 57% they ended up on a mountain

in 35% birds were sent out from the boat

in 9% exactly eight people were spared


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